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  • Am I a good fit for Hygge Up North?
    Our ideal client owns a cozy and welcoming property in Northern Michigan, is committed to maximizing revenues and occupancy, and is focused on delivering high quality guest experiences. If you’re on board with the vision, we will handle all cleaning contracts, respond to all messages, do revenue management, continuously optimize the listing, maintain the electronic guidebook, etc.
  • Why should I choose Hygge Up North?
    We run a small, personalized operation. Every one of our listings means a lot to us. That means you, the client-partner, and the guests get personalized attention. We respond to every inquiry ourselves. You will have one point of contact, us.
  • How much will I earn?
    It depends. We know 100% that you will earn more than you can by renting to a long-term tenant (fees included). We avoid estimates as we tend to be conservative (we're not salesmen). We have exceeded expectations on our own properties, as well as every property we’ve managed.
  • What is listing optimization?
    Listing optimization is the process - half science, half art - of continuously fine-tuning a listing to systematically move it towards the top of the search menu. It's like SEO for booking channels. Our goal is for every HUN-managed property to live on page one of each relevant booking channel, for relevant search results in their category.
  • How are guests vetted?
    This* is how. After managing hundreds of reservations, HUN uses a system that examines the guest profile and message content to determine guest quality. This is in addition to requiring a verified ID. *We follow Daniel Rusteen’s method, outlined here:
  • What happens if a guest causes damage or steals from my home?
    Hygge Up North proactively advises hosts and takes steps to prevent damage and theft. In the unlikely event that significant damage or theft occurs, we will work with the home owner to gather evidence and submit a claim through the relevant booking channel's resolution center. We are a long-time STR host and are well-versed in navigating this process. In the event of minor damage, we will replace the item and invoice the host. The host is expected to cover low-value damage and repair as a cost of doing business.
  • Can I cancel my contract at any time?
  • How do I schedule time at my property?
    Email us the dates you’d like to reserve and we’ll block them off in your multi-channel listing calendar OR Log in to your Owners Portal and block them out on the multi-channel listing calendar
  • What items am I required to provide?
    Hygge Up North strives to provide all the basic conveniences of home for our guests. At a minimum, each rental should include houseware packages including: linens, kitchenware, dishes, utensils, and basic toiletry items. We have a list of required items we provide new clients. For an added fee, we also provide a customized list of recommendations that enhance guest experience and match your property’s thematic experience.
  • What is your cancellation and refund policy?
    We follow Airbnb’s strict cancellation policy; for other channels such as and VRBO, we use the closest available policy in order to maintain consistency. Refunds will be awarded to guests with legitimate extenuating circumstances, on a case-by-case basis.
  • When will I receive payment?
    Payment will be received directly from the relevant booking channel following the first completed night of each booking. Hygge Up North will send an invoice on the final day of each month for that month’s management fees, cleaning fees, and misc. expenses incurred to operate your property during that time period.
  • Who generates nightly rates?
    Hygge Up North will establish nightly rates based on client goals and will update pricing regularly as market prices adjust. Often times, specialized pricing services are utilized to gain deep qualitative insights, which further guide pricing initiatives.
  • How many people are allowed to stay in my home?
    This entirely depends on local township ordinances but a general rule of thumb is 2 guests per room. We do not try to cram as many guests as possible into your space: it disturbs neighbors, invites unwanted guests, and opens you up to potential parties. Our number one goal is to look after your property, and act as responsible stewards of your investment.
  • How do I get started?
    Call us directly at: 231-409-9412 or email us with the following questions answered: Do you plan to rent for more or less than 12 months? Tell me about your property Do you have a reliable cleaner and/or local emergency contact? Send me photos (mobile phone is fine) or a link to your online listing.

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